The roofs are the finishing touch that shape its overall appearance. Beyond the overriding aesthetic messages, they provide a strong and stable finish without which any construction would be unthinkable. The type of roof depends on the configuration of the building, the climatic features, the architectural impact they aim toRead More →

Proper installation of roof waterproofing is essential for the future of your roof. Inspecting the entire substrate and identifying the disturbed areas. The entire substrate needs to be absolutely sound and well-cleaned. All residue from previous construction work should be removed. The marked problem areas (damaged, torn, cracked, obsolete, deformed)Read More →

Sometimes roofs leak years before the entire roof needs replacing. Usually, these leaks are caused by cracks, flat roofs or cracks in the roof area. The problematic part about repairing this type of roof damage is finding it. The roof is one of the essential elements of the house. ThisRead More →

Roof renovation is undertaken when we decide that the old roof can be retained, in terms of construction and appearance, but with the replacement of rafters, battens, caprices and Gigli and/or tiles depending on the covering. When renovating an old roof it is essential to check the following elements forRead More →

Asbestos roofing materials can resemble any other material, making it difficult to determine whether or not they cause lung cancer. This is due to the widespread use of asbestos, along with other elements, in the industrial output of roofing materials. If you suspect your roof includes toxic materials and areRead More →