Manchester is a city in the West of England, the administrative center of the Greater Manchester Metropolitan Borough. Manchester is the third largest city in England after London and Birmingham. The Manchester area was colonized by the Romans in 79 AD. Gnaeus Julius Agricola founded a fortification called Mamlutium. In 1282, written documents mentioned that the city had a market. By the early 18th century, it had developed as a small settlement home to wool merchants. Manchester marked an apogee of development, particularly in the 19th century when the textile industry boomed. Hundreds of industrial enterprises and magnificent public and commercial buildings were built in the city center during this period. Particularly impressive is the Town Hall, built in the same century in the neo-Gothic style.

Like London, one of Manchester’s focal points is Piccadilly, a fantastic combination of a square and a small park. Piccadilly is the most surrounding meeting place in the city. A tourist tour of Manchester should head to the old industrial quarter. The Museum of Technology is located there, as well as the attractive to visit War Museum, which has a multimedia reenactment of World War II every 20 minutes. A visit to Chinatown, where the Buddhist Temple is located, can be added as a spice to a Manchester sightseeing tour.

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