Proper installation of roof

Proper installation of roof waterproofing is essential for the future of your roof.

Inspecting the entire substrate and identifying the disturbed areas.

The entire substrate needs to be absolutely sound and well-cleaned. All residue from previous construction work should be removed.

The marked problem areas (damaged, torn, cracked, obsolete, deformed) shall be dismantled and patched. Patching – consists of cutting out or removing the damaged substrate, applying a suitable primer, and, after it has dried, applying one coat of void paste. Additionally, the areas where problem areas often occur (vents, funnels, boards, chimneys) should be reinforced – a primer is applied there. After it dries, a layer of voile paste is applied.

If there are “working” joints, these should be treated by applying a compensating strip glued with paste on both sides and thus used with the rubberized part completely unglued to the problem joint.

If puddles are more profound than 1 inch it is advisable to align them with a sand-cement mortar.

Nail all ‘floating’ sheet metal flashings to chimneys and sides with nail rods.

After these preparatory works, proceed to the essential part of the roof waterproofing.