The roofs are the finishing touch that shape its overall appearance. Beyond the overriding aesthetic messages, they provide a strong and stable finish without which any construction would be unthinkable. The type of roof depends on the configuration of the building, the climatic features, the architectural impact they aim toRead More →

The large tiles in the bathroom create a pleasant feeling of spaciousness and elegance. In recent years, the demand for large bathroom tiles has grown, and thanks to new technologies, their format is becoming more and more imposing. With them, you can effortlessly reimagine your bathroom design, and maintenance andRead More →

Construction of electrical installations, Installation of external electrical facilities in apartments, houses, and offices in London. Electrical installations can be built in when cladding walls, and also in skirting boards when laying laminate or when laying Natural Three Layer Parquet. The construction of electrical installations is carried out in aRead More →

During the house building booms from the early 1950s until the year 2000 Asbestos was used extensively in construction and building works. It is possible that if your property was built or modified between those years, there may be asbestos present. Although it is safe if undamaged but can poseRead More →